Meet Jeff Cassell

“The Real Estate Chico”

I am from a small town-Eden North Carolina. I went to many different schools early in my life because we were a military family and when Uncle Sam said GO-we packed and left everything behind. We lived on military bases many times so we had up close view of what was happening in the world. We moved 14 times as a kid so I was fully aware of operational effectiveness of planning/preparing for a life changing moves. I learned tons of real life lessons from these experiences. I learned how being able to meet and talk and negotiate with anyone was the greatest asset. I always had to be outgoing enough to meet new friends at new schools knowing that we would probably be gone when Uncle Sam said GO again. When we moved, I was the kid my mom handed the inventory clipboard to make sure everything was on it. I dealt with the lists of every tagged belonging going on and off the moving trucks. I learned how to account for things, deal with insurance companies when stuff was broke in transit or damaged in storage, how to leave an apartment or house so it we were able to get our deposit back, how to find suitable housing when we moved, and then negotiate with people on rents or deals. After my dad retired from the NAVY, we moved back to Eden. I would go to to my grandfather’s car lot after school most days and wash cars or sell cars or do repairs on them. My grandfathers conversations were golden life lessons that truly molded me about customer service, business, and finance.

My parents always would ask me when I wanted something new like roller skates or bicycles or my first car, “What can you do to earn money to get those things”? We would write a list down and I would tackle that list by mowing the neighbors yards or washing the car lot cars or cutting trees, etc. I learned early that I had to work for the things that I wanted. I was a school bus driver during high school, a disk jockey at the roller rink, I worked at day care, life guard, sanding cars in auto body shop, and many more.

I was going to be the first of the family to go to college. I remember the “talk” we had in the kitchen when dad and mom said, “We can pay for school but your are going to pay for everything else”. I had a new list to tackle, so I went to work to help accomplish that goal. I did all of those different jobs learning different kinds of businesses and entrepreneurship. In college, I ran a skating rink, worked jobs like ski tuner and ski instructor at Sugar Mountain(I could ski free in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina), I sold furniture as a marketing internship one summer in Huntington Beach California-top five salesperson in 75 days out of 35 salespeople. I then graduated Appalachian University with a Business Administration and Marketing Degree.

I went to work with Fleetwood Homes directly out of college and was a traveling the eastern side of the US(Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia). I helped developers build mobile home parks and recreational parks. This job was some great real estate lessons. Went to work as National Sales Manager for Super Market Representatives taking care of the middle part of the United States from Nebraska to Texas. I traveled for a living so I was looking at all kinds of properties every week. I begun dabbling in Real Estate as an Investor and was buying properties that were rentals. I was home 65 days in 5 years and owned 35 rental homes all while I was out on the road. I decided to start selling real estate myself so I could sleep in my own bed every night. To be the best, I was coached by the best everyday and became one of the top agents in the state for Remax. I worked to help hundreds of families every year so I wanted to control my own company. I started a new real estate firm called Texas Investment Real Estate Group. We started speaking to real estate investor groups across the US. We helped over 3500+ investors buy properties in Texas in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

We have a passion for helping others create wealth in Real Estate. Forbes says that 90% of all millionaires made their wealth in Real Estate. I believe that through Real Estate you can achieve and build generational wealth for your family. With my wife Karina, we have helped over 6500+ families and investors do just that. We walk the Real Estate talk everyday because with Real Estate and the right advisors, anyone can become wealthy. We have relocated over 32 times (when buying, remodeling, and renting) so we understand what it takes to make these kinds of moves. It takes passion, dedication, planning, determination, and knowledge. We have those life lessons and would be happy to help you with your residential or commercial real estate needs.

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